Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Alice is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. She believes fitness should be accessible for all to incorporate into their everyday life. Alice has been working in group fitness since 2018, teaching classes in the UK and Australia.


Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Cameron has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years. He is an advocate for holistic well-being, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nutrition Science—a crucial aspect of his mission to become a qualified dietitian alongside his role as a Personal Trainer.

Believing in a balanced approach to fitness, health, and exercise, Cameron emphasises the importance of good habits and impeccable technique. His career is driven by a client-centric philosophy, tailoring fitness plans that not only achieve individual goals but also establish sustainable habits for lasting success.

In both academic and practical realms, he is committed to unraveling the intricate relationship between nutrition and physical well-being. Cameron’s passion lies in empowering others to embrace a healthier, more balanced life through the profound impact of a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. Whether in the gym or during one-on-one consultations, Cameron aims to inspire and guide others on their transformative journeys.


Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Lauren is extremely passionate about health and fitness and more than delighted to help you on your fitness journey.

You will see Lauren at the reception desk (say hi!),or in class as a Group Fitness Instructor, or doing her own training session in the gym.

Lauren specialises in functional strength training and HIIT style workouts – catch her in one of N Zone classes!


Alessia is a dedicated and enthusiastic team member with a strong passion for health and fitness. Currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science degree at UTS, she aspires to help others on their own fitness journey and find enjoyment in being active. Alessia loves pushing our members in our N- Zone classes, doing her own functional strength training, as well as running, for enjoyment, fitness and achieving new personal goals.

Alessia has over two years of experience in the industry, instigated by her love of dance, soccer, tennis and touch football. With a background in group fitness coaching and her PT qualifications, she brings a wealth of knowledge to Norths.


Charlie is extremely passionate about fitness, health and ready to help you start and/or grow your fitness journey. He has his Certificate IV in personal training and Certificate III in group fitness.

You will see Charlie running the N-Zones, at reception or in the midst of his own workout, or training clients. Charlie is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the team and always down for a chat.

Charlie specialises in functional strength training, high volume training, weight loss management and hypertrophy (muscle building).


Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist


Areas of Expertise:

Exercise prescription for complex conditions
General strength & conditioning to improve daily functioning
Strength/power development & muscle mass increase
Weight loss & lifestyle modifications


Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Emily loves being active and spending time training at the gym at any time she can. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, supporting her passion to help people return to a more independent life in the occupations they value as the most important to them. Her interests in Occupational Therapy include; rehabilitation, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury orthopaedics, paediatrics and hand therapy.

Emily’s other interests include nutrition, health and wellness and implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People’s wellbeing, nutrition and fitness goals are what drives her to help people transform their lives.


Operations Manager


Marketing Coordinator

Alara has always loved fitness and being active, playing soccer and futsal competitively since she was 11. She is passionate about bringing the vibrancy, happiness and excitement to the Norths Fitness community and believes everyone deserves to feel their absolute best from the inside out.


Personal Trainer

Areas of Expertise:

Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy Training
Fat Loss and Improving Body Composition
Strength and Conditioning
Sports Medicine and Injury Rehabilitation