Kerry Woods

Many of us know Kerry Woods from the tap, broadway, modern and stretch classes she teaches here at NORTHS Fitness.

For years she has shared her experience, talent and energy with our members.  But long before teaching fitness – and still to this day – Kerry has been gracing the stage and screen,  in a multitude of roles, showcasing her incredible talents for singing, dancing and acting.

We asked Kerry to share a few stories from her career, so we can have a glimpse into the life of our talented and much loved fitness leader.

What would be the number one highlight of your career so far?

Dames at Sea – a spoof on all the 1930’s musicals.  I loved it because it showed off my talents to the best degree – singer, dancer and actress .

Whats the most recognisable production you have done?

CATS. I played the female Lead, Grizabella as well as soloist, Bombalurina.

What is your dream role?

Irma la Douce . Shirley McLean was in the starring role in the original movie with Jack Lemon.

Who is the most famous person you have ever worked with?

Al Martino, Howard Keel, Danny La Rue to name a few!

Your first job out of School?

At 15,  I was a dancer on the Don Lane Show

What is one of your most interesting career experiences?

In 1975,  I toured all of  Asia with Disney On Parade and I went to The Philippines.  We were in the Philippines when Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were in power.  The Metricon Police, were on the side of the stage, protecting all of the performers , laden with their machetes and AK47’s!  Then we went to Vietnam, Saigon airport  but they wouldn’t let us out of the plane, we were going to entertain the troops, they asked us to wait, then before disembarking – asked us to leave, fly out  they were coming in from the North!

What do you love the most about teaching at Norths Fitness?

I love watching the members come along, seeing them progress, I love being a part of the sense of belonging they feel.  For them its about the escape, the release and the comradery.

What advice would you give to someone new wanting to try one of your classes?

Start with a Jazz class to learn timing and coordination, then progress to the other classes.

Tap is challenging, it includes a warm up, across the floor combination and choreography.  Tap is hard because you are an instrument in the band, you need to be perfectly in time.

When you can try Kerrys classes:


  • 6.30am – Stretch
  • 11.30am – Advanced Tap
  • 12.30pm – Modern Dance


  • 11.30am – Intermediate Tap
  • 12.30pm – Broadway Jazz


  • 11.30am – Beginner Tap


  • 5.30pm – Stretch