Winter Group Fitness Timetable

Secure your spot in a class – Book online!

Introducing our Covid Safe Member Rules

  • Group Fitness Classes are strictly limited to 20 people, due to NSW Government restrictions on Fitness facilities.
  • Members who are more than 5 minutes late to the class may lose their spot to allow for all spots to be filled.
  • Members must leave the studio in order to allow for a 15 circulation break with an empty room.
  • Please not enter the Studio until the instructor arrives as instructors will check all participants in prior to class start
  • We ask that you please clean any equipment you use after the end of the class
  • Classes are available to book 7 days in advance
  • If you cannot attend a class, you have up until 1 hour before the start of class to cancel your booking

There are TWO ways to book in for Group Fitness online. 

Make sure to see one of our friendly Norths Fitness team members who will happily help you access online bookings.

Option one:

You can download the Norths Fitness phone app and book.

How to set up your account:

Step 1: You would have received an invitation From ‘My Wellness’

Step 2: Activate your account when you receive your invitation.

Step 2: Download the Norths Fitness App from your App store



Step 3: Login to the app with your email address and password

Step 4: Click Book

Step 5: You will see 7 days of classes as you scroll through the dates

Option two: 

Login to direct to your exclusive member account here:

If it’s your first time logging in – Follow these steps to set up your account:

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Input your email and click submit
Step 3: Input a Password
Step 4: Once your Email and Password have been created
Step 5: Login to your Membership Portal here:

You can login to your exclusive member account anytime by clicking on Existing Member on the front page of our website

(Top Right hand corner of the screen)

Virtual Classes

To combat the 20 person capacity on group fitness classes, we have launched Virtual Group Fitness!

Classes with the Pink Play symbol are available in person and via virtual streaming from anywhere you like.

You must book in to the Virtual Class to access the link.