24 Hour Access FAQs

1) How to access

Outside gym staffed hours you will need to access the gym via P3 level carpark entrance to the building or via the front entrance to norths club.

Members will look for the access point with the 24/7 sign and access with their Norths Fitness membership card.

Members will not be able to enter through the access point without scanning their membership card, if a member swipes in and another person follows them through without scanning their Norths Fitness membership card, an alert will be sent to management for them to follow up on.

Once you enter the venue, make your way directly to the gym. The whole club is fully monitored by CCTV for your safety and those of other members.

Please leave the gym by the P3 level carpark door or the front entrance to the club.

When Norths club is closed the only way to enter the gym will be via the P3 carpark door.

2) Your Health and Safety

Your health and safety is paramount to us, and we have put a high level of service around ensuring your experience here is of a premium level. Here are a few key items for you to familiarise yourself with.

Get to know the safety boards. These are grey and green boards with all the information you need to know for your safety and in times of emergency. It is here that are encouraged to pick up a lanyard with a personal duress alarms to wear while training.

Unlike many other 24 seven gyms, Norths Fitness will have a duty manager onsite during the standard opening hours of North Sydney Leagues Club located upstairs from the gym.

They can be contacted through the number displayed on the safety board and on the digital signage in the gym. Please note that while North Sydney Leagues Club is closed you will need to contact 000.

You should contact either a duty manager or emergency when:

  • You feel unsafe
  • Have a medical issue arise
  • Or if you have an issue with another member which needs assistance

If you can see another member is having a medical incident or safety issue, please contact triple zero on their behalf. If you feel unsafe, have a medical issue arise, or if you have an issue with another member which needs assistance.
If you can see that another member is having a medical incident, or safety issue, please contact security on their behalf.

3) Equipment use

Another key aspect for your safety is how to use the gym equipment when there are no gym instructors on hand to offer assistance. As a guiding principle, this is not a time to try something new. Stick to what you know and always check the diagrams on machines before using one that is new to you.

The pool Will be unavailable for use outside of staff hours.

4) Your Belongings

Please do not use the lockers during unstaffed hours. We have provided pigeon holes with direct CCTV cameras for members to put their belongings. If you use the lockers and are unable to open them again. You will need to wait until norths Fitness is staffed to gain access.

5) Gym etiquette

Let’s make sure we all use this shared space together so that everyone has the best possible experience.  Everyone coming into the gym, no matter what time should find the equipment and the space in great condition and ready for training.

As we’ve mentioned, the whole of the Norths Fitness is extensively monitored by CCTV cameras, and if you ever have any concerns about the state of the gym please let us know.

6) In the case of an emergency

In the unlikely event that an emergency occurs, please make your way safely out any fire exit door.

7) Feedback

Please get in touch if you have any feedback or questions about your 24/7 membership. Either follow up with us during standard business hours at reception or on 9245 3011, or email us on fitness@norths.com.au at any time and we’ll endeavour to get back to you during the next business day.

We hope that you enjoy your 24/7 membership at the Norths Fitness!